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Below is a list of the people we have interviewed who have served during World War Two, their Unit and location during the war and a brief synopsis of their story. Please press on their names to get taken to their Interview page.

Name Unit Theatre of Operations Brief Synopsis Audio, Video, Text Interviewed By
Willi Holtfreter Jagdgeschwader 53 ETO/MAMETO Willi Holtfreter was a fighter pilot with JG 53 in France, Italy and Germany. Text James Holland
Josef 'Jupp' Klein 1st Parachute (Fallschirmjager) Division Italy and Russia Joop Klein was an Engineer – ‘Pionier’ – in the 1st Parachute (Fallschirmjager) Division and served in Italy and Russia. Text James Holland
Gunther Rall JG 52, JG 11 and JG 300 ETO Günther Rall 10 March 1918 – 4 October 2009) was a German lieutenant-general, the third most successful fighter ace in history and later head of the West German Luftwaffe during the Cold War. Text James Holland
Hans-Ekkehard Bob JG 54, JG 51, JG 3, EJG 2, JV 44 ETO Hans Ekkehard Bob was a German fighter pilot, serving with the Luftwaffe. During World War II, Bob flew approximately 700 combat missions, and claimed 60 victories Text James Holland
Karl Spreitzer Flugzeugführer 10.(Pz) / Schlachtgeschwader 2 "Immelmann" ETO Karl Spreitzer was a WW2 Luftwaffe Stuka pilot awarded the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class and the Knights Cross with the Iron Cross. Text James Holland

ETO - European Theatre of Operations / MAMETO - Mediterranean, African, Middle Eastern Theatre of Operations / PTO - Pacific Theatre of Operations

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