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Below you will find all the latest interviews with veterans and civilians who have lived through World War II. Clicking on their name will take you to their individual interview pages.

Name Nationality Military Branch / Civilian / Other Location / Theatre of Operations Brief Synopsis Audio, Video, Text Interview By
John 'Jack' Parrot British British Infantry ETO Jack spent most of the war driving or despatch riding in the UK plus France, Holland and Germany. Video &Text Christopher Moriarty
Eldon 'Bob' Roberts Canadian Canadian Infantry ETO Eldon was in the Canadian Infantry he landed on Juno Beach on D-Day and was wounded sometime at the end of 1944. Text James Holland
Susan Grievson British Civilian Topsham, Devon, UK Childhood experiences and observations during the War. Video and Text Michael Thompson
Major GTR Thompson British Other S.O.E. Belgian Section 1941 - 1943 Written in 1963 he talks about how he came into SOE, what he did in the Belgian Section, and much about how it was run. Text Michael Thompson Upload
Willi Holtfreter German Luftwaffe ETO/MAMETO Willi Holtfreter was a fighter pilot with JG 53 in France, Italy and Germany. Text James Holland
Wendy Maxwell British Other War Office Secretary to General Hastings Ismay, Chief of Staff to Churchill throughout WW2. Text James Holland
Albert Burke American Infantry MAMETO Serving in the all African American 92nd Infantry Division in Italy during WW2. Text James Holland
Group Captain Allan Wright British RAF ETO Group Captain Allan Richard Wright, DFC & Bar, AFC was a Royal Air Force fighter pilot and flying ace of the Second World War. Text James Holland
Bernard McKnight British Civilian Manchester (Hulme, Moss Side, Old Trafford and Stretford) Childhood experiences and observations during WW2 Video and Text Michael Thompson
Josef 'Jupp' Klein German Luftwaffe ETO, MAMETO Josef 'Jupp' Klein was an Engineer – ‘Pionier’ – in the 1st Parachute (Fallschirmjager) Division and served in Russia and Italy. Text James Holland
Joan Hughes British Civilian Liverpool Childhood and young adult experiences and observations during WW2 Video and Text Michael Thompson
Flight Sgt. Grant McDonald Canadian Air Force ETO Tail gunner on Ken Brown’s plane, ‘F for Freddie’ and one of the very last of the Dam Busters. Text James Holland
Ken Stone British Army ETO Ken landed on Gold Beach on D-Day as a Medic. He went on to serve in Holland, was rushed to the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge, and crossed the Rhine into Germany. Video and Text Ryan Davies
John Alan Petzing British Civilian London and Yorkshire John was born in London in 1940 and was evacuated to Yorkshire four years later to a relative's farm before returning to London some time later. Video and Text Ryan Davies
Helmuth Orschiedt German Army MAMETO Artilleryman in North Africa and a medic in the Italian Theatre. Text James Holland
Marshall Donohew American Army ETO Marshall was a member of the 517 Parachute Infantry Regiment. This is an audio documentary recorded with his son, Tim. It's his story too - have a listen to find out why! Audio Ryan Davies
Ronald McClarence British Civilian Teams, Gateshead Childhood memories of life in Teams, Gateshead, England during WW2 Video and Text Nicola Williamson - Washington School
LAC Harry Webster Appleton II British RAF ETO His memories as a teenager and young adult during the early stages of the war and his time with the Royal Air Force. He left the Air Force as Leading Aircraftman (LAC). Part 1 Videoand Part 2 Video and Text Michael Thompson
Bill Pierce USA USMC PTO Bill Pierce served as a Marine during the war and took part in the Battle of Okinawa. Text James Holland
Arthur 'Bunny' Johnson British Royal Armoured Corps and 9th Royal Tank Regiment ETO Record of his memories as teenager and on active service from 1939 through to 1946, including his time in England, France, Germany and Poland. He was one of the first into Bergen-Belsen in April 1945 Video and Text Michael Thompson
Karl Koenig German Afrika Korps MAMETO Decorated WW2 Panzer Korps veteran who ended up as a POW in America YouTube Audio Sound Cloud Audio and Text Dan Snow
Vera Royle née Norcross British Civilian Salford, Manchester Born in Monton, Manchester, she was 13 when war broke out. This records her memories before and during the war as a child, working and marriage Video and Text Michael Thompson
Eric Dale British Fleet Air Arm PTO Eric Dale was born in Cadishead, Lancashire, on 6th July 1924. He was 15 years old when war broke out in 1939. He joined the Fleet Air Arm in November 1942. Video and Text Michael Thompson
Elsie Ronald British Civilian Southwick Born in Southwick Elsie lived there during WW2 Video and text Nicola Williamson - Washington School
Rosalie Germaine Bassett nee Gysen French Civilian Roubaix Short story about her early years in France and Belgium and how she found love with an English soldier. Text Anita York (Daughter)
Thomas George Bassett British Royal Army Service Corps ETO Conscripted into the Army in 1940 a short story of Toms service and how he met his French wife. Text Anita York (Daughter)
Franz Massen German 306th Infantry Division ETO/MAMETO A long interview about his equipment, training and service. Text James Holland
The Rev'd Canon Graham Bettridge British Civilian Derbyshire Born in Derby in November 1939, he was 5 years old when War ended. This interview records his memories during and after the War Video and Text Michael Thompson
Rudi Haymann German 8th Army Intelligence Officer MAMETO/ETO A German Jew who served with the Allies in North Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean. Text & Sound Cloud Audio James Holland
Connie Jameson British War Nursery Nurse UK Connie was a war nursery nurse. Text and Video Nicola Williamson - Washington School
Susan Sides British Civilian Bury, Lancashire She was 8 years old when war broke out in 1939.Records her memories as a child before the war and during it, and working and marrying after the war. Video and Text Michael Thompson
Jim Gentry American US 80th Infantry Division ETO Jim Gentry was a rifleman with the 80th Infantry Division during WW2 and seen action in the Ardennes and Germany Audio and Text Conor Hoffmann
Gunther Rall German Luftwaffe JG 52, JG 11 and JG 300 ETO Günther Rall was a German lieutenant-general, the third most successful fighter ace in history and later head of the West German Luftwaffe during the Cold War. Text James Holland
Hans-Ekkehard Bob German Luftwaffe JG 54, JG 51, JG 3, EJG 2, JV 44 ETO Hans Ekkehard Bob was a German fighter pilot, serving with the Luftwaffe. During World War II, Bob flew approximately 700 combat missions, and claimed 60 victories. Text James Holland
Jack Hubbard British 4th Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment MAMETO Jack Hubbard served with the 4th Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment throughout the Siege of Malta. Text James Holland
Walt Halloran American 165th Signal Photo Company ETO Walt Hallloran – a film cameraman who landed with the first wave on Omaha Beach on D-Day and saw just about every major action the Americans were involved in until the end of the war. Text James Holland
Frank Read British 172 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery MAMETO (North Africa) Frank Read served with the 172nd Field Regiment in Tunisia and took part in the stand at Sidi Nsir. Text James Holland
Kenneth Oldham British 13th (Lancashire) Parachute Battalion, converted from 2/4 Battalion, South Lancashire Regiment ETO and PTO Ken served with the Paras, landing by sea on the Normandy Beaches in June 1944 and fighting towards Belgium and Holland. He also saw service in the Far East. Text Michael Thompson (editor) with Keith Oldham (son), Vivienne Barker's Normandy Diary (published by Northern Life, 2009) and transcript of interview by Harry Secombe in 1994.
Patricia Hayes and Betty Haworth British Civilian Higher Blackley, Lancashire Twins, they were 12 years old when war broke out in 1939.Records their memories as children before the war and during it including evacuation, and working and marrying after the war. Video and Text Michael Thompson
Eileen Eisenklam British Civilian England Eileens recollections of growing up during the war. Video Nicola Williamson
Karl Spreitzer Austrian Flugzeugführer 10.(Pz) / Schlachtgeschwader 2 "Immelmann" ETO/MAMETO Karl Spreitzer was a WW2 Luftwaffe Stuka pilot awarded the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class and the Knights Cross with the Iron Cross. Text James Holland

ETO - European Theatre of Operations / MAMETO - Mediterranean, African, Middle Eastern Theatre of Operations / PTO - Pacific Theatre of Operations