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Below is a list of the people we have interviewed who have served during World War Two, their Unit and location during the war and a brief synopsis of their story. Please press on their names to get taken to their Interview page.

Name Unit Theatre of Operations Brief Synopsis Audio, Video, Text Interviewed By
Albert Burke 92nd Infantry Division 'Buffalo Soldiers' MAMETO Serving in the all African American 92nd Infantry Division in Italy during WW2. Text James Holland
Marshall Donohew 517 Parachute Infantry Regiment ETO Marshall moved from the Tank Corps into the Parachute Infantry early in his military career, ending up in The Battle of the Bulge. Audio Ryan Davies
Jim Gentry 80th Infantry Division ETO Served during the Battle of the Bulge and the crossing of the Rhine. Text and Audio Conor Hoffmann
Walt Halloran War Photographer ETO Walt Hallloran – a film cameraman who landed with the first wave on Omaha Beach on D-Day and saw just about every major action the Americans were involved in until the end of the war. Text James Holland

ETO - European Theatre of Operations / MAMETO - Mediterranean, African, Middle Eastern Theatre of Operations / PTO - Pacific Theatre of Operations

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